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  Our professional pre-inspection is much different than you may have experienced with other cleaners. Your rug is inspected thoroughly both on the top surface and then turned over so every bit of the bottom surface can be inspected.

  With our ultra violet light source, spots like Urine, mold and mildew become visible. Our oriental rug washing process will draw from specific techniques depending on the particular fibers, dyes, soils and construction being addressed. 

  If we detect any worn or weak areas, we take great care to block them off to protect those sections, gently cleaning them avoiding rips or tears.

Depending upon fabric of each rug, a specific cleaning treatment is applied to a section, then an absorbent paper towel is placed on that treated area. Blocks of wood are placed on each section for 24 hours to determine if dye-bleeding is going to be a consideration.

After 24 hours, the paper towels clearly identify potential bleeding of colors.


Vacuuming rarely removes all of the dirt, much less the huge amount of dust that lingers in all rugs whether or not it's in use. 

 Compressed air is used giving the exact pressure needed to remove the soils from your rugs without damaging the fibers.

 Our patented air dusting tool will remove just about all dry soil that has accumulated in the knots and foundation of your rug.

No other form of pre-cleaning is more powerful
than soft compressed air.
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 Submersion rug washing is very different than front and back surface cleaning. We can use our rotary scrubber, roller squeegee or compression tools, combined with disinfectant to make your rug healthy and clean.

All rugs are washed with softened water and neutral soaps. Only cleaning agents that have been approved for use on wool, cotton and silk are used on your rugs.


 This is especially important when cleaning animal excretions and other contaminates such as insect mildew, urine, excretions and mite infestation that require a disinfecting and sanitation. 

We can totally eliminate animal odors, not just mask them like almost everybody
else 'cleans' their rugs.


Once the rug has been thoroughly cleaned, it is rinsed to remove and flush away all of the soils and cleaning agents.

It has a "Jacuzzi" effect and is extremely thorough and gentle.


The rugs are hoisted up and out of the pit for its final soft water rinse; the water coming off the rug is almost drinkable.

Drying Rugs

Drying is achieved using gravity, air and mild heat.

The rugs are lifted out of the pool dried gently, yet quickly. If the rugs are dried too fast or too slow, damage can occur during the process.

Fringe Detail Work

 After all of these rug cleaning processes, there's the matter of removing any foreign matter possibly remaining. This will be done giving careful consideration to the fibers and dyes as a priority.

Rinsing and combing out all of the fringes is the final step in our rug cleaning process. 

Since fringes normally have no color, any spot of dirt shows up clearly and detracts from the beauty of your rug.

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